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Freshen up your furry family members look and smell with a friendly, professional, full-service dog and cat grooming. We have been in business since 1980, and we have the skills to make your animal look gorgeous.


We want you to feel safe leaving your animal in our care. Please be advised that from time to time accidents do happen during the process. If you have an older dog or one that is very matted, you may be required to sign a release form. Some injuries to look out for include

• Skin irritations caused by shampoo and / or conditioner.

• Eye irritation from shampoo getting near or in the eye. This can be cleared up with a thorough rinse.

• Ear infection can be caused after water gets stuck in the ear. Sometimes it can be cleared up with rinsing and other times medication may be necessary.

• Scratches can happen if your dog is over excited or nervous. Antibiotic ointment can be applied to help with the healing process.

• Tender feet is a possibility if your animal isn't used to having their feet touched, or nails trimmed. To make your pet more comfortable with this process, be sure to get regular pedicures for them.

• If your animal is not used to grooming at all, it is possible that they can  be cut from being excited, nervous, or aggressive. Keep grooming part of your regular schedule, and this problem will be less likely to occur.


We will do everything possible to keep your animal safe while they are in our care. You however assume all risks of injury or illness that may occur.


Our experienced groomers are ready to help you in deciding what type of cut to get for your breed of dog. Prices start at $40 and go up depending on the type of cut and animal.

Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you!


"Always friendly, personal, professional

service, and a pet that looks spectacular!"

-Doug and Bev Levan

Hi Lorie and Julie,


I brought my Scottish Terrier, Scottie, in about a month ago to see Julie for grooming.  I just want to let you know how pleased Mike and I are with the way his haircut looks.  We especially appreciate how sensitive Julie is as Scottie can be very difficult when it comes to his paws and ears.  It is also great to be able to schedule an evening appointment as we live in Lancaster.  I am so happy my mom recommended that we try out your business!  It is also nice to stop by her house for a few hours while he is being groomed.  I never worry leaving him at your salon and he comes out looking great!  Thanks so much again,


KaLynn and Michael Loeven



Both Tucker, my Labradoodle, & I are grateful that we found Lorie. I previously took Tucker to two other groomers that said they knew how to groom Labradoodles. I went into great length & even provided a picture of the proper Labradoodle cut. Unfortunately, they had no idea how to groom a Labradoodle & definitely could not duplicate the picture that I had provided. Then we found Lorie at Oley Valley Pet Salon & her talent speaks for itself. This gal is a wonderful groomer and I will never take Tucker anywhere where else.


Billie Day-Schanely